Super heroes and Disney princesses

I’m starting to feel so out of touch….ok, old. I have no idea which is the most recent or popular Disney princess and it took me months to realise who Elsa was. And I STILL haven’t watched Frozen.

A couple of months ago I spent some time taking some family shots for my sister. It didn’t take much encouragement for my niece and nephew to dive into their dressing up boxes and find an outfit. It was pretty predictable that my nephew would appear as a Marvel superhero and my niece a Disney princess, but which superhero and which princess?

It turns out Spiderman and Elsa are the latest craze, or at least in their household. I had Elsa floating around in her sparkly dress and Spidey crawling the floor, better that than climbing the walls I guess.


The outfits not only changed their appearance but also their confidence levels in front of the camera. Incorporating their dressing up outfits into the session might just help them take on another persona and feel more at ease. Even if their living room has been taken over by tripods and lighting, their outfits should provide conversation in the hope of breaking down any barriers.

In that case I’d better start learning who all the superheroes and princesses are! If you can’t get hold of me for the next month or so I’ll be on the sofa, watching Disney films and making notes.