Creating photography props – newborn nest

It's taken a while but I've finally found my creative streak again. I'd been thinking about my newborn photo sessions and making them more effective. I already use a posing pillow and additional padding as and when. Rather than rolling out muslins for padding why not have a soft, padded ring in which the baby can be placed?...It turns … Continue reading Creating photography props – newborn nest


Backdrop rollers – saving space and my sanity!

Since gaining some studio space I decided to invest in backdrop rollers as a permanent fixture. And wow, what an amazing piece of kit! As useful as my portable backdrop stands are the tripod legs take up too much room, can be tripped over and can only display one backdrop at a time. I bought … Continue reading Backdrop rollers – saving space and my sanity!

A Woodland Walk with Mushrooms and Monkeys

This Sunday afternoon we spent a couple of hours strolling through Hurtwood, near Pitch Hill....and what a perfect opportunity to take the Canon out for a walk. The weather was perfect, our son had plenty of energy and I needed some fresh air. Pitch Hill is on our doorstep and although we've lived in the area for two … Continue reading A Woodland Walk with Mushrooms and Monkeys

There’s beautiful scenery in Cornwall?

Like many others I was a tourist with a camera, so why do I only have a couple of landscape images from a week in Cornwall? I stand in awe of a great scene as long as the next person but I'm no landscape photographer. I stop and appreciate the land form, the colours and … Continue reading There’s beautiful scenery in Cornwall?

The Baby Bump

I've recently been experimenting by viewing my subjects from different angles to create an alternative perspective. In this weeks maternity session I captured the baby bump from above and it proved to be a great success. Definitely one I'd create again. With feet slightly out of focus the bump demands immediate attention. A maternity session is all about the bump after all so … Continue reading The Baby Bump

Creating photography props – newborn lace bonnet

With a newborn photo shoot just around the corner I had thought about investing in some hairbands and hats but wasn't too keen on the ones I'd seen online. I found a beautiful pattern for a crocheted lace bonnet so I picked up a crochet hook, bought a lace weight yarn and started creating. I … Continue reading Creating photography props – newborn lace bonnet

Do it your way

I listen intently to other photographers, watch training videos, read articles online and most importantly learn from my own experience. Lighting has to be an area I've read about most and as a result I've learned a great deal. I began with very simple kit which included continuous lighting in the form of two soft boxes. Over … Continue reading Do it your way