Digital backdrops – my first use

I had been curious about using digital backdrops for quite a while but had never found the time to experiment with them. Then the Christmas holidays came along, my husband was at home and all of a sudden I had some time for myself.

Oh how I’d longed for an uninterrupted hour on Photoshop!

I purchased an image online, it was emailed to me immediately and I started working with it. I found an old image of a baby which was suitable for this particular digital backdrop, style, colour and tones. I hadn’t many in my archive so I was limited on choice. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it was good enough for me to experiment and play around with.

I cut round the image of the baby in Photoshop using the quick selection tool and dragged the layer over the top of the digital image. I adjusted proportions of the baby to suit the size of the wreath, flipped it horizontally and manipulated the angle slightly.


The baby wasn’t originally on a suitable fabric for me to blend it in with that used in the digital image. I therefore had to cut away more of the original fabric than I’d have liked. This resulted in the need to add some shadow underneath the baby, directly on to the digital layer to make it look a little more realistic.

All in all I found the digital image a lot easier than I imagine however next time during a photo session I’ll choose a fabric similar to that of the digital image to blend easily and reduce the editing time required

Practice will make perfect!








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