I’ll do anything for Art, but I won’t do that!

We’ve all seen those ‘arty’ black and white images with an item remaining in vibrant colour, haven’t we? Well I wanted to experiment and learn how to do it and just had to think of an image on which it would work. Then I thought of my nieces and their array of coloured karate belts.

I hadn’t considered that the older of the two nieces is a black belt and asking her to demote herself by wearing a coloured belt would result in laughter and a very final ‘no’. The younger of the two it is then.

I borrowed the younger niece for half an hour for some quick images which I could play around with. She wore her yellow belt with pride and this was the result.


Not only did I achieve the look I wanted but I got a smiley face too, whoop!

I experimented with the image in Photoshop without researching the other possible methods beforehand. I took the original coloured image, placed a black and white layer over the top and used the background eraser tool to reveal the colour on the layer below. All pretty simple and effective.

The only element of the photo shoot I would change next time would be to use a continuous white backdrop. A plain white backdrop and floor would certainly prevent any distraction from the subject. Lesson learned.


Never work with children and animals, they said.

If I was going to put this passion into practice I had better start practicing and build a portfolio along the way.

My little man is my muse, my model and so much more but there’s only so many images of him I could use. I needed different faces. I needed different ages. I needed volunteers! I was astounded by how many parents were interested in volunteering their children for an hour or so in return for a free set of images. I scheduled as many photo sessions as I could, leaped onto that steep learning curve and haven’t looked back.

The very first session was full of challenges and enough to make me question my new adventure. I spent the journey home thinking ‘What on earth am I doing? I’m an accountant. Just stick to what you know’. But looking at the positives I enjoyed every minute of it, the children and the parents were lovely and I took away ideas to prevent some of the hiccups from happening again.

On to the next session wiser, more prepared…and with a wipe clean backdrop.


Bunny ears and feather boas

This week has been an absolute dream. I’ve had two gorgeous girls in for photo sessions and they had amazing wardrobes.

On the morning of the photo sessions I squeezed as many props and accessories into the car as possible only to realise the mums were just as excited as me and had already organised a collection of outfits with matching hairbands, tights and shoes. It’s fantastic having such involved mums and even better when they co-ordinate and accessorize well.

The sessions resulted in images with hues of pink and purple, lots of fun and a great insight into the world of daughters.

This image sums up one of the sessions so well. An absolute angel in bunny ears and a feather boa. She enjoyed every minute in front of the camera and took the photo shoot in her stride. A model in the making.

_MG_0524 peach.jpg

As I packed up my kit and left a trail of feathers and sparkle behind me I looked forward to my next session.